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Let Your County Landfill Help Pay For Your Selected Child's Education

Our Features

Direct Deposit

Transfer money to your account in minutes.

Virtual & Physical Cards

Virtual Cards are digital cards used/stored on your devices and Physical Cards can be held and used at on restaurant's or when shopping in person or at an ATM when cash is needed.

Spending Controls

Monitor and guide your child’s financial habits.

Edu Savings Account

Save for your child’s future education with tax benefits and select from a wide range of investment opportunities.

Savings Account

Save more and worry less with a savings account.

Parent - Investor Card

Support your child’s financial growth with every purchase.

Angel - Investor Cards

Everyone..., Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Family, and Friends can also get a card with your child’s picture and become investors in your child’s education.

Kids Projects & Gigs

Reach out to Family and Friends and invite them to support your child’s freelancing opportunities (Paid Services). Send a secure link and allow your child’s account to receive money for your child’s gigs (Paid Services) like babysitting, grass mowing, pet sitting, car washing and more. Your little Entrepreneur at work!

Automated Allowances

Automate your child’s allowances and save time and hassle.

Local Landfill Funding

Simply getting a card and opening an account provides your child with the opportunity to receive funding every time your garbage truck going into our local landfill once it is modernized with the Sustainable Aerobic landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS) by NGD Environmental. Let your local landfill help pay for your child's Education if not all of it.

Loyalty & Rewards

Earn points and perks for your spending habits.


Raise money for your kid’s saving goals and generate a support community by giving parents, family, and friends access to your child’s personal status page. They can see your child’s saving goals, special projects, events, and awards in real-time.

Frequency Asked

  • Why Add a Custodial Account?

  • Cash-Back on every purchase

  • Crowdfunding for Higher Education

  • Angel - Investor Cards

  • Parent - Investor Card

  • Your Kid's Gigs

  • Why Vote & Join the Warrior Wall?

Why and the NGD consortium?

Deforestation is the number 1 thing killing our planet, so we plant forests.

Our garbage is taken to landfills which is the 2nd most powerful thing killing our planet.

We start by modernizing local community landfills and providing all the children with college savings accounts that we continually fund by eliminating over 95% of the methane gases a landfill produces.

It’s called ReFi Earth which is simply a transparent, efficient management of un-claimed revenue streams used as a byproduct to save the planet via local landfill modernization which provides funding back to the local community by leveraging Parent-Kid Bank Cards, a series of embedded financial services to plant forest, provide funding into the kids savings accounts and tens of millions of dollars’ worth of cost-free Regenerative Financing directly to the local community.

Each landfill we modernize with our patented process is like removing millions of vehicles from the roads while continually planting forest.

Every child needs a great education, there are no more excuses, and we must save the planet; you must get involved if you have or know a child act, please notify the parents!